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shadow_autumn's Journal

**~ Shadow Autumn Artsies ~** icons and things
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Anime, Movies, Manga, and etc. icons and caps...
This is a personal icon community, where neko_karakaze and I, hilariomon, post my icon bases, icons, and occasionally things like screencaps and such... Scroll down to read about me and a few rules I have.

* * ~ O n g o i n g ~ P r o j e c t s :

*** Gundam 00 [Anime]
*** Shugo Chara! [Anime/Manga]
*** One Piece [Anime]
*** Digimon [Anime - all seasons]

** ~ C o m p l e t e d ~ P r o j e c t s :

*** Somewhere In Time [Movie]

* * ~ R e q u e s t s :

*** none; open and waiting :3

* * ~ A b o u t ~ m e ~ a n d ~ m y ~ i c o n s / R u l e s ~ * *

1. I generally take the screencaps for whatever I'm making icons out of myself.

2. Considering #1, feel free to request actual screens from me. I'd be more than happy to fill requests if it doesn't get to be too much. They can be of a show, an episode, a specific character, anything! :3 Comment and I will let you know whether or not I can fill your request!

3. I obsess over characters and generally focus on them with my screens and icons. If you don't see your favorite character, feel free to comment and I'd be more than happy to go capture a few screens and make some icons for you :3

4. My personal favorites out of the icon batches are always in the teasers I put up.

5. I don't really do real icons that often. So most of them are bases. And yes, you may do whatever you wish with them. Chop them up into little bits, if you like.

6. Please comment if you're taking any. You don't have to list which ones or whatever. I'd just like to know who appreciated them.

7. I do not need credit, but it is appreciated.

8. If you make some nice pretty icons out of my bases, I'd really, really, really love to see them :3

9. I may consider doing some scans, but you'll have to join the community to see a friend locked entry that tells what I have available to scan.