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Animated One Piece Icons

I realize that in the past the size requirements for eljay icons had been ignored quite often in this community. That is stopping right here and right now. In fact, all the icons that exceed the size limits will be edited or removed. So sorry for the inconvenience.

Now, onto the icons.

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Hilariomon now has control of this community!

Hilariomon: *much like Allelujah* I have control!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! New layout soon. Plus new things. Shadow Autumn has been quite neglected, now hasn't it.

Psst! Hilariomon=Hirari-chan. But anyone contacting Hirari's personal eljay will be ignored. If you want to friend Hirari through this community, then add hilariomon . Thanks a lot!


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:D I went and made some more icons :3

Oh, and my new layout: LULZ! XD Those are my art utensils~! I'm cheap as crap, but whatever works, I guess~! XDDD That mop looking thing (stick with the yarn on the end) is Steve. He gets rid of eraser shavings. :3 I made him.

There are icons of:

Shugo Chara! (well... Ikuto anyway)
Gundam 00
One Piece

And that's it. I didn't make a lot, but some of them are animated XD

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:D My first post here!

Well anyway, I kept thinking about Howl's Moving Castle today and when I got home I was like, 'I want to make some Howl icons, dangit!'  Or something... so here are some sad little attempts at making icon (bases) or whatever...  the only ones I actually did stuff too are my default and the one with the blue border around it.  (duh)  :P

I made them out of pictures from, so the quality isn't great either.  X_X

Though I do like the sunspot thing I added in my default user icon.  :3

I need to go running or something...  *sigh*



Gundam 00 icons

Alright, so one of my latest obsessions is Gundam 00. And so I made these.

Since this is my first major batch dedicated to any one thing, I thought I'd lay down a little info about me and some "rules," if you can really call them that...

1. I generally take the screencaps for whatever I'm making icons out of myself. For example, I made these 409 icons from select screens of my 1000+ G00 pictures.
2. Considering #1, feel free to request actual screens from me. I'd be more than happy to fill requests if it doesn't get to be too much. They can be of a show, an episode, a specific character, anything! :3 Comment and I will let you know whether or not I can fill your request!
3. I obsess over characters and generally focus on those with my screens and icons. If you don't see your favorite character, feel free to comment and I'd be more than happy to go capture a few screens and make some icons for you :3
4. My favorites are always in the teasers, though in batches like this, it's really hard to choose just eight.
5. I don't really do real icons that often. So most of these are bases. And yes, you may do whatever you wish with them. Chop them up into little bits, if you like.
6. Please comment if you're taking any. You don't have to list which ones or whatever. I'd just like to know who appreciated them.
7. I do not need credit, but it is appreciated.
8. If you make some nice pretty icons out of my bases, I'd really, really, really love to see them :3

Uhhh... I guess that's all for now... I can update later if I think of anything else. :3

There are quite a lot, so it may take a bit to load, depending... And for those of you that dislike spoilers some of these could be considered as such. So use discretion or don't view them at all, if you choose.

Preview :3

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